TAROT SCHOOL FOR LIBERATION - a four module class for exploring the 78 cards from a liberatory perspective for modern times taught by Corinna Rosella of the rise up! good witch podcast.

This class utilizes an anti-capitalist, trauma-informed & abolitionist framework for looking at tarot as a tool for healing. Each class will be part lecture, part self study, and part engagement on the discord channel as we explore how to utilize and integrate our unique experiences and visions into working with the cards, while acknowledging the violence of hierarchical systems in our current world and acknowledging constructs of race, class & gender how they block us from healing on individual and institutional levels.

Students should be open to radical ideas, be willing to acknowledge privilege as it exists under white supremacy & colonialism, and be open to learning and supporting one another through this work.

This class is open to all levels, but it is recommended that you have some basic knowledge of the tarot before joining.

In addition to the worksheets and 8 hours of lecture, enrolling in Tarot School for Liberation gets you lifetime access to the discord channel, where we will be hosting twice monthly group chats to answer questions and discuss all things tarot!

Hi, I’m Corinna Rosella, the instructor for Tarot School for Liberation!

I created this class in spring of 2020, in the early times of the pandemic and just before the beginning of the George Floyd uprisings.

As a tarot practitioner with 12 years experience, and as an organizer and former social worker who has been invested in and involved with community based social and economic justice for 20 years, I wanted to find the way to bridge the meanings & classical archetypes with the larger context of the world today. My goal is for students to reflect on the cards as tool for personal healing and collective liberation, with discussions of cards in the context of abolitionist, anti-oppression and trauma informed frameworks.

Learn more at http://www.riseupgoodwitch.com

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